Saturday, April 30, 2016

Romantic Love Story

    It was a dark and cloudy night,it had started raining and the lightning made the dark road bright.Jacob parked the car in hotel parking as Katherine got out of it.They both were traveling together on a business tour.They didn't have enough money to rent two rooms and now had to spend the night together, in the same room.
Katherine:There is only one bed here.
Jacob:It’s alright,I can sleep on the floor.It’s only for one night.
Katherine(switches off light):Good Night!
Jacob woke up with a start,he felt something on his body.
Katherine:Ooops!I stepped on something
Jacob:Yeah that will be my face.
Katherine(moves forward):Oooops!
Jacob:And now you are on my chest.
Katherine:Let me try to get the lights.Great! I can't find the switch
Jacob(Gets up):Just keep on looking

After some struggle in which they both smashed into tables,chairs and accidentally in each other,Jacob finally managed to turn on the lights.As the light sparkled,she was standing right next to him,holding his arm.
The moment  lasted for a second but it felt like an eternity.The blue eyes met the dark brown and she quickly looked away.

There was a long silence only broken by the thunder roaring in the sky,rain pouring on the trees and an owl howling somewhere,looking for a shelter.

Katherine:It was a bad idea,you shouldn't have slept on the floor.

She smiled as he looked out of the window.Her smile ceased all the darkness,coldness was replaced by warmth.

Birds were singing,praising her.The owl had found its destiny,the sky had stopped roaring,calmness spread over it.

They both climbed in the bed,she put her head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around her,He wished the time would stop for he knew there was no place he would rather be,than with her.